Thursday, February 3, 2011

Their Backs Are Straight!

First and foremost, I would like all of you to consider, no matter your religion or creed, the principles by which the American nation were founded. Of the highest principle was the notion that all people have the right to self-government, which endowed to them by The Creator of All. Whether a person of faith or simple goodwill, we must all agree that human beings have the right to control their own destiny within the framework of a government that derives its power from the people which it intends to protect, support, and jurisprudentially-rule. For the non-Muslim, underlying the fear and anxiety about a Muslim people exercising this right endowed to them, as with Americans, by The Creator of All; this is what the protests in Egypt is all about.

For us who call the United States of America home and government, $1.5 billion dollars a year since the Camp David Accords under the Carter Administration have been sent to Egypt and in a very real sense, one man in Hosni Mubarak. Mr. Mubarak has used these funds to make all Egyptians subjects to his tyranny, very often killing, torturing, abusing, and denying the right to free speech and free assembly to his own people. It is illegal for more than five Egyptians to be in one place for political purposes, and to defy this law can lead to the case of Khalid Mohammed Said.

As a Muslim and a man with a passion for politics and Social Justice, I promise you that the great majority of Muslims are not interested in killing or otherwise harming Americans or even Israelis. Yes, it is true that we are all extremely critical, and rightfully so, of the actions of the United States and the extreme right-wing Zionists of the Jewish people. However, like most Israelis, we want a fair and just solution to the human rights crisis in Israel/Palestine, and I will be the first to acknowledge that crimes and atrocities-SINS-have been committed by both sides. Holding this position has caused me to be called a 'Zionist puppet' by some of my Muslim brothers and sisters, and a 'terrorists/ Islamic extremists' by some of my brothers, sisters, and relatives amongst the non-Muslims. Alhamduilillah-God be Praised-if both of those on opposite extremes despise me for holding my positions, then I know I am on the Path of God's Social Justice and Peace. 

In the final analysis, it is our tax dollars that causes the tyranny in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world that breeds terrorism. I simply ask that you read my dear brother Tammer Fakhry's essay and letter: Politics is Local, and ask your Congressman and Senators to stop sending our money to torture and kill the people of Egypt, in particular as they have had enough. Paraphrasing Martin Luther King, their backs are straight, and when one's back is straight he is going some where, because the only way someone can ride your back is when it is bent. Support the People of Egypt because their backs are straight, and they simply want what we have in the United States: the right endowed to them by The Creator of All.

Isma'il ibn Bilal

Please read my dear brother Tammer Fakhry's essay and letter, and write your Congressmen and Senators.

And listen to the speech of Martin Luther King, Jr. the night before he was shot and killed.

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