Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LAST CALL: Urge U.S. to Support UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements

Dear Friends:

According to several reports, on Thursday or Friday, the  United Nations Security Council will consider a resolution condemning Israeli settlements.  The resolution simply restates in other words what everyone already knows -- that Israeli settlements are violations of Palestinian human rights that also damage the prospects for peaceful and sustainable Israeli-Palestinian coexistence.
The United States has not yet said whether it will support the resolution, but it should.  After the Egyptian revolution, we are entering a new era in the Middle East where human rights are moving to the fore.  For our own sake and for the sake of others, the United States should stand squarely on the side of human rights, and against their violation.
Please urge the Obama Administration to stand for Palestinian human rights and support Israeli-Palestinian coexistence by backing a United Nations resolution reaffirming the illegality of Israeli settlements and calling for their immediate end. 
If you haven't already sent the letter, please send the letter to President Obama by clicking here.
If you have sent the letterplease spread the word by clicking here. 
The American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights (AAPER) is America's Free Palestine Lobby.  Its mission is to (a) educate Americans about Palestine and (b) lobby for an equitable U.S. policy toward Palestine that advances equal rights in Israel and Palestine, peace in the Middle East, and sustainable security for the United States.

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