Thursday, February 3, 2011

Politics is LOCAL-Tammer Fakhry

EVERYONE!!! It is time for us to take REAL actions here in the US to help END the oppression and killing that we are seeing before our very eyes. Below is a letter that can be sent to your Senators/Congressperson to ask the US government to STOP the funding of this dictatorial regime.  The letter specifies ending the funds to Egypt so long as Mubarak is in power.
Please use the link below to find your Senators’ and Congresspersons’ phone numbers and emails. GET THE WORD OUT! CALL, WRITE, GO SEE THESE PEOPLE, they can truly stop what is going on by cutting his legs out from underneath him… TAKE ACTION NOW!!!


I am writing to you today as a concerned citizen of the United States and a member of your constituency. Watching the events of the last ten days unfold in Egypt has been nothing short of horrific and heart wrenching. It saddens me to know that my country provides $1.2 Billion annually to support such a tyrannical and oppressive regime that has decided to show its true face to the world over the course of the last 24 hours. This is a government that unleashes prisoners to go out and beat, kill and rape their own countrymen and women for exchange of the equivalent of $4. They operate under the guise of being “pro-Mubarak” supporters all while being nothing more than hired, government henchmen.

I am demanding that my government and my country stop the financial support of this dictator. I ask you to bring a resolution to effectively end US funding of this government until Mubarak steps down from power.   

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