Friday, February 25, 2011

Autocracy- Iqbal Isma'il

The autocratic leaders of the Middle East are hanging on to power. They control the military. The military is loyal to them and will turn upon its own people. Let us observe that it is only where the military has refused to fire on their people popular will has prevailed. Where the military has acted in defense of the rulers and fired and killed the protesting public the leaders are still in power. In other such places such as Libya, Iran and Bahrain a civil war is on the cards with horrible bloodshed. In these places countries change will occur or over the dead bodies of thousands of people. But change will come nothing can stop it.

It is the military that makes the difference between peaceful and bloody revolution. Let us turn to our own situation. The people of Pakistan are fed up of being denied their rights to respectable and peaceful life. Look at what is happening? People are taking law into their own hands and killing bandits. People are assaulting the police. There are fires due to arson or due to accident but there are not enough fire tenders. 

People are committing suicide. People are killing their own children. People are selling their children.
People are starving. Children are being denied education. The sick and unwell are being denied medicine. The oppressed are being denied justice and protection. There is rampant corruption even the Hajis are not spared. Very soon the country will explode. People will take to the streets to protest. 

It will be interesting to see how the military reacts. The military will determine whether we have a peaceful or a bloody revolution. 

But a revolution we will have.

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