Friday, January 28, 2011

Rally for Egypt

In 2003, the United States government completed its entry into the realm of history's empires, and thousands of American and Iraqi people lost their lives. What is happening in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen are people seeking to truly remove state founded and state sponsored, governmental tyranny from their lives. The People want a regime change, and it is incumbent upon us to stand with them. Thus far, the Revolution has been relatively peaceful, with the 'shock and awe' coming from our bewilderment in its finally arriving. 

This is a, for the most part, a non-violent, democratic movement and deserves your support, Inshallah. If we in the West would protest the violence, destruction, and death of American Empire, then we should even be louder in our cries for true, Middle Eastern and Islamic democracy.

Inshallah, just spread the word, and pray that it gets into the ears, the heart, the mind of the man who told us on a chilly, January morning in 2009, 'if we unclenched our fist, he would be sure that America extended its hand'. The question becomes how many American troops have died in Egypt today? How many roadside bombs have exploded near American tanks in Tunisia last week? So where is the support of the man who at the 45 anniversary of the Selma marches, called upon us to be the Joshua Generation? Where is the commitment to the fact, as he said during the campaign, that words matter? Where is the disconnect in the realm of foreign politics between this Administration and the last? Where is the change?

Well, right now, change is in Egypt and Wallahi Al Theem, we call upon you to stand with them. I don't care your religion, your color, your creed; for this is supposed to be an American Principle of a people having the Inalienable Right Endowed by The Creator of All, at self-government. And as King said, all we want is for America to be true to what it put on paper. It saddens me that a man of African descent, named Barack Hussein Obama needs to be reminded what King said. In the final analysis, maybe Jeremiah Wright was completely correct: he is just a politician after all.

‎"If there is change in Egypt, then the Muslim Brotherhood will be part of it, so we must accept it as part of any representative government," said Bruce Riedel, a scholar at Brookings Institute who briefed the Obama administration on counter-terror policies. (from the Wall Street Journal)


Isma'il ibn Bilal