Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Future is Ours-The Tunisian Girl, Lina ben Mhenni

This morning , I went to Kabbaria ( subburbs of Tunis). I had to stop in many roadblocks . Indeed, the kabbaria 's inhabitants were watching their families, houses and properties as several criminal groups have been attacking different cities in Tunisia after the collapse of Ben Ali's regime.

I knew that early in the morning a young man from the Kabbaria was killed by 3 men in an ambulance belonging to Aziza Othmana hospital .

                                                            Papers found in the car

The blood of the young man killed this morning 

The inhabitants said that they arrested  one of the gangsters who were in the ambulance . They discovered that they belong to the presidential guard. In fact, they found the identity card of one of them.
Not far from this place, I entered the house of teh young man killed in the morning. 

                                                     The young man killed by a bullet this morning
Outside the house , in the metro station the inhabitants arrested 3 gangsters who were trying to attack  them and their house. The angry  inhabitants arrested them . They were waiting for the army to come and take them or their corpses away. 

                            One of the gangsters arrested this morning , according to the inhabitants he is a policeman

Tunisians are protecting their country . Tunisians are protecting each other. Tunisians fought to obtain their freedom and I believe that Tunisians won't let anyone steal this victory. So let's work together . The future is ours.

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