Monday, April 11, 2011

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Mankind - Iqbal Isma'il

The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has expressed the desire to bury the past and to start a new relationship with Pakistan which will be all inclusive and permanent. No issue is debarred. Everything is on the table. I say to the people of Pakistan grab this opportunity put Manmohan Singh on notice. We trust him. Let him go the extra mile. I would want to request the people of Pakistan. Come out on the streets. Hold rallies conduct marches. We need the long march to peace. Let our slogan be “peace on the sub-continent”.

Let our economic integration bring lower prices for the people.Our economies are complimentary and can support each other. Let us use the surplus capacity of our cement industry to feed India’s needs. Our cement factories will start to work at full capacity cost will come down employment opportunities will be provided to the people of Pakistan. India has had green revolution its agriculture is far more efficient than the agriculture of Pakistan.

 Let the agricultural surplus of India feed the people of Pakistan and bring lower prices. Recently the price of onions has come down from Rs. 80 per kilo to Rs.12 the price of tomatoes has come down to Rs.120 to Rs.20. Can we imagine the relief that this has provided to the hard press people of Pakistan. Let India import our cotton, to feed the appetite of its huge textile industry which is supported by a huge middle class with great purchasing power. Let India import our fruits and vegetables. We have the finest soil and climate for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

Let our children benefit from world class education in Indian Universities at a fraction of the cost of education in U.K and U.S.A. Let our people benefit form world class medical attention at Indian hospitals at a fraction of the cost of medical attention in the West. Let us provide immense employment opportunities for the people of sub-continent. Let us bring prosperity to the people.

Say no to arms. Let the army and the security forces of the two countries not sabotage this peace. The solution for Kashmir is within our grasp. Let the two armies not use the people and their sentiments to deny Kashmir its right to independence.

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