Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Social Contract - Iqbal Isma'il

My driver has lived in Oman. Yesterday he asked me, “ What is wrong with Omanis. Sultan Qaboos looks after the poor. Why should they come out on the streets against him?”

I said this is the tragedy of the Islamic world. We have kings and civilian dictators ruling for years on end. Nearly all the wealth of these countries has ended up in the pockets of the kings and dictators and their families. They have of course spent something on the people who were close to them. But it was not their money. It belonged to the people. Ask yourself how you would feel if somebody stole a rupee that belonged to you. Then in arrogance gave you less than one paisa in charity. Would that make you be happy? Would you bless the ruler and pray for his long life? It is the people’s money with which the leaders want to practice charity. They forget that they are not the owners of this money. They are only trustees.

All power is a trust. Power that is granted by Allah is a Test. Only those who treat power as a trust understand the majesty of Allah. Only they will inherit the World and the hereinafter. Allah is the only Sovereign. “QUL HOWALLA HO AHAD.” If there had to be a Sovereign to earth without doubt it would have been Rasool Allah (P.B.U.H). Did Rasool Allah (P.B.U.H) ever claim to be anything else but the servant and messenger of Allah? No. He did not claim any worldly Sovereignty. He was an Amin.

He did not claim to be anything more than a trustee.Today the world of Islam is in turmoil. Many people believe that this is a conspiracy of foreigners to degrade Muslims rulers. The truth is that the people want their rights.They want the rulers to be trustees and not owners. The Islamic world wants and deserves a new social contract.

Let the rulers amend their ways or they will be washed away in the tide of history.

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