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Nour-Update, December 2010

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Nour: One Month On
Assalamu alaikum.

InshaAllah you're in the best of health and imaan. Just wanted to give you a quick update on how our first month went at Nour.

All the hard work in the background has finally successfully moulded to create an idea we had on paper on how to tackle domestic violence (DV) into reality. Our website Nour launched on November 1st 2010 with the help of our patron, Yvonne Ridley. Not only was the initial feedback more than we co! uld have ever anticipated, but the number of hits our website received was the most euphoric feeling and we hope this will continue!

Nour is for all the public, and we feel it should be made to feel as engaging to the reader as possible, so we keep it updated every week by uploading exclusive articles and creative work by notable speakers and artists such as Beautiful Painter by Mohamed Abdullah Shariff which was extremely well received by our readers. We also try to nurture our own creative skills from our team at Nour, hence you may even come across reviews of our past events. As well as this we aim to update our DV in the press section with a! rticles related to DV that are in the mainstream press.

Nour, to date, has hosted two fundraising events - a bucket collection and an afternoon with Nour. The bucket collection took place at Whitechapel station attracting plenty of attention from the passing public; it also gave us the opportunity to interact with the local community in Tower Hamlets ! which is where we aim to begin some of our projects and exchange our views on DV. The day was met with success and provided us with encouragement to continue our work at Nour. An afternoon with Nour, our ladies-only pamper event was a fun day for everyone. We tried to make sure there was something for all the ladies and their children to do, so we had everything from clothes and jewellery stalls to hand painting and makeovers, and topped it all off with a delightful selection of Hummingbird cakes and mocktails.

So it’s been a busy month for Nour and we know it will just keep getting busier, but we absolutely love it! We know how important our work at Nour is every time someone comes to tell us how proud and happy they are that Nour is finally here, so InshaAllah may it continue long into the future.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or you’re just looking for some advice from Nour, just reply to this email and we'll try to help any way we can.

Please be sure to remember Nour in your du'as,
JazakAllahu Khairan,

Nour is a organisation set up to act as a voice for those who are unable to stand up against domestic violence. We aim to serve as a platform for the victims of such violence through education and raising awareness, with a particular focus on the usage of Islamic literature to condemn such acts. Our mission is to be able to provide services such as a communication line which will require office space and a permanent staff member, a social worker, psychotherapists experienced in the Islamic field and legal aid, as well as direct advice from scholars regarding Islamic ruling. This will only be possible through our combined effort and your generous donations.
Donations can now be made quickly and safely through our PayPal donate button.
You can also make a donation directly into our Nour account:
Account number: 65858557
Sort code: 51-50-03
Alternatively, if you wish to support us through a monthly donation, then you can set up monthly standing orders by completing the standing order form provided here
Or you can even donate by making a cheque payable to ‘Nour’ and posting it to our address below:
Nour – Domestic Violence
PO BOX 62954
N9 1BT
All donations directly go towards the projects, campaigns and services we offer at Nour.
Thank You

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