Monday, September 19, 2011

Egypt: Protesters Bring Down Israel Embassy Security Wall and Flag - Amira Al Hussaini

Thousands of protesters took to Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the Egyptian revolution in downtown Cairo, today in protest against Egypt's military rulers. Soon, crowds of young men swarmed to the Israeli Embassy, where they tore down a security wall built to protect the Embassy, and brought down the Israeli flag, as chaos continued into the night. Here's a snippet of how the events played out on Twitter.
This is the second time in a month that protestors scale the 15-storey Embassy building to remove the Israeli flag. Reports say that four protesters climbed the building today.
Five hours ago Al Jazeera's correspondent Sherine Tadros reported:
@SherineT: Heading to israeli embassy where reportedly protesters trying to tear down wall #egypt
Mahmoud Abu Sharkh shares a photograph of protesters at the Israel Embassy breaking the security wall.
Mahmoud Abu Sharkh shares a photograph of protesters at the Israel Embassy breaking the security wall.
An hour later, she noted:
@SherineT: Waving the #palestinian flag on top of demolished wall infront of #israel embassy, #egypt
And about two hours ago, she added:
@SherineT: Hundreds headed towards israeli embassy..people all over the streets shouting and chanting #egypt #tahrir
A few minutes later, Tadros tweeted:
@SherineT: Protesters threw israeli flag off the side of the bldg which houses #israel embassy
Salma Said quipped:
العلم الاسرائيلي اترمى علينا من فوق ‎#Israeliembassy
@SalmaSaid: The Israeli flag was thrown at us from up
Lobna Darwish shares this picture on Twitter of an Egyptian man carrying the Israel Embassy plaque
And Mosa'ab Elshamy added:
@mosaabrizing: It's like a party up there. The flagMEN waving to protesters from balcony under #IsraeliEmbassy, fireworks and all.
Raafat joked [ar]:
السفاره الاسرائليه بعد كده هتحط خيارة على السفاره بتاعتها..عشان مش كل يوم العلم يولع بالطريقه دى..
@Raafatology: The Israeli Embassy should hoist a cucumber next time, so that its flag is not burnt this way everyday.
Others on Twitter as not as ecstatic.
Gigi Ibrahim tweeted:
@Gsquare86: Seriously there is no point to stay at #IsraelEmbassy tonight, we did it all: the flag&wall r down, ppl r almost in emb, csf truck burned
And Dina Salah, from Cairo, added:
@Sonadina: Gotta say I'm not impressed that my tax money will go to the rebuilding of #IsraeliEmbassy wall by el Me2awleen el 3arab (Arab Contractors), tomorrow morning.
The situation continues to unfold.
Gigi reported:
@Gsquare86: The papers r being thrown out of balcony from flat beneath #IsraelEmbassy .. People fightig after papers as they come down #hilarious
Hisham Al Miraat added:
@_Hisham: Al Jazeera correspondent says Israeli embassy not stormed but rather a lower floor used to archive docs from embassy. Police standing still
Omar noted:
@beirutwhat: Re: Israeli embassy in Cairo. SCAF will show the video in every western capital to justify their control over politics.
And Foreign Policy magazine managing editor Blake Hounshell explained:
@blakehounshell: The near storming of the Israeli Embassy tonight will sour a lot of people on the Egyptian Revolution. Fallout unclear.

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