Friday, June 24, 2011

Hanes and Target Linked to Sexual Abuse in Classic Factory in Jordan - Charlie Kernaghan

Please help.

Young women guest workers from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are being repeatedly sexually abused at the Classic Group of factories in Jordan while sewing Hanes “C9 clothing for women and men, which is sold exclusively at Target.
There is no man or woman in the United States who would knowingly purchase garments made by poor women from the developing world who were sexually abused and beaten.
Read the testimony of “Nazma”—a young woman raped at the Classic factory, and you will understand what has been going on for years at Classic.
Let’s start with Hanes. Here’s their number: 336-519-8080 and say “Investor Relations” to be transferred to the Investor Relations Department. Please call and ask them to move aggressively to remove the accused rapist Anil Santha and to make sure no young woman is every again abused in the Classic factory.
Please also ask your friends and colleagues to contact Hanes and sign the joint letter to Wal-Mart—which we will CC to Hanes and Target.
Report on Classic Fashion of 7 June 2011.
Wall Street Journal. Sex Abuse Alleged at Apparel Marker. 20 June 2011.
RT, Thom Hartmann. Sexual Predators and Serial Rapists Run Wild in Free Trade. 13 June 2011. [Video and Transcripts]

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