Saturday, March 10, 2012

AMAZING VICTORY! - Manal Fakhoury, United Voices

The Florida Legislative session just ended at midnight, and SB 1360 IS DEFEATED & DEAD!
This has been an intense and emotional three weeks for us all.  A bill crafted by a fear-monger and pushed by anti-Muslim hate groups took us all by surprise just as We were finalizing arrangements in Tallahassee for Muslim Capitol Day
We rallied hundreds of people to Tallahassee 10 days ago, only to watch in shock and disbelief as lawmakers mocked us and passed the bill in a Senate subcommittee without any public debate on the matter.  Again, We were mocked as State Senators claimed this was NOT a bill about suppressing freedom of religion while openly distributing anti-Muslim, hate-filled literature among colleagues in our State Capitol.  They counted us out and assumed we were knocked out…
...but they didn’t count on us coming back swinging; and swing we did.
By the Grace of God, we launched the website We fired up the email, delivering over 40,000 email messages to Florida Senators urging them to oppose SB1360, and in the final days we made 3,000 phone calls to Senators demanding they stop their assault on Muslims and religious minorities. 
We showed them our tenacity and resolve.   We showed them we have united voices that will echo from across Florida and the Nation. As your voice grew louder, they grew weaker. It came down to tonight, the last hour of the last day of the 2012 session. That's where we delivered the knock-out punch, killing the bill SB1360 and their agenda of hate.
Congratulations to our communities and to America!
Now is the time for us to strengthen our newly-formed coalitions, so they will think twice about messing with our communities.
It is also a time to extend our appreciation to the lawmakers that stood with us, and the people of other faiths who joined our struggle to defeat this bill. Look for a future email on how you can thank them.

The opposition is cunning, and they WILL be back.  This anti-Muslim law has been introduced in over 23 states, and with your help we will defeat it state-by-state.  It is up to us to be prepared.
Together we can defeat similar bills in other battleground states. But in order to take the fight to them, we will need your financial support.  PLEASE HELP OUR MOVEMENT BY MAKING A DONATION NOW. CAN YOU DONATE $50, $100 OR $250 NOW?  CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

All Praise to Almighty God.

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