Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prostitution in the 'Land of the Pure' - Translated by Fareeda Hussain

Transcription of the documentary.

Sister 1 (burgundy border scarf)
Sister 2 (blue)
Sister 3 (Blue/orange/ red combination)
Sister 4 (obscured face)

(Everything is speech, though I have omitted the speech marks)

Lady 1 : They phone us and ask to reserve a girl for them. Every third house in the neighbourhood, appears to be a brothel…I get paid between 2-5000 Rs.

Narrator: These are ordinary women of Pakistan but their circumstances have set them apart.

Sister 2: I have 3 brothers, none of whom are concerned wish to take any responsibility for me…husband is a drunk and a pot addict, who is abusive and violent, he tells me to either get him money, or get divorced!
…sometimes the clients just want company or someone to drink with…I can get paid 2000Rs for this…

Sister 3: My mother had borrowed 10,000 Rs,and only through prostitution , have I been able to pay off the debt.

Narrator: This is how they make ends meet;ever compliant, never questioning where they will be taken and by whom…

Sister 1 & 2: We are not concerned where we go..some take us to a mansion, some to a hotel. In any case we assume different names and never reveal our real identities…

Narrator: On one hand we have the women who trade their own bodies in order to feed themselves and their families and then you have women like Kaneez Fatima, who live under the relief that she does not have to at least barter her own body, only that of other girls’! 

(Sister 4): I came into this profession in 2005. I do not sell myself or any one else’s daughter, sister or mother…every girl that works for me does so as her own choice..A father has recently left his 14 year old daughter, who is extremely beautiful. Her story is that her brothers had raped and abused her, so her mother had said that since she had done ill by allowing herself to be thus used, she may as well do it with others and earn money thereby! I took the girl to Lahore and her mother sold her for 5,000 000 Rs.

Narrator: The women do this less for themselves and more for their families

Sister 3: When I see my mother and younger siblings happy, and enjoying my earnings, it pleases me although I realise that nobody would ever marry me….

Sister 1: there is never any question of love, it is just a single night which elapses…

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