Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nothing Seems to Matter by Laila Yaghi

All like dead grass beneath my feet

Suddenly nothing matters anymore
As I sit there looking in the mirror
At my self
Images of the past pass by
A tear drops down for a loved one
Then followed by a stream that seeps onto
A hollowed face

I sit looking there for hours
Remembering the lizard faced guy
Then the wolf faced guy
The raven nosed guy
All trying to scavenge my body
My existence….

I remember the guys that took my son
The dead hearts
The eyes filled with hate and revenge
On women and young men

I remembered my son’s faint voice
The voice of youth and innocence
The voice filled with the wondering why
Did his background foretell?
His outcome in life

A shadow of me jumping from pain
Crippled my performance in life
Is that what my country does?
To people from different backgrounds

The years of repression has to stop
Another tear another year
And things just seem to not change

At the end
Nothing seems to matter
The clothes… the hair… the food
Only one thing in mind
The freedom of my innocent son

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